Day 2

“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come,” Victor Hugo.

FAC (Full Art Catalog) is developing a new paradigm for how the visual arts are disseminated into the world. FAC will create and expand the communication of the role of art and artists in our society that provide us with inspiration, creativity, imagination and to help envision a world of the invisible…to become visible. A New Enlightenment Movement for all to enjoy and participate. FAC’s first mission is to build a community with its many archetypal styles of brush, chisel, paint, glass, ++++ while making it universally simple, accessible and useful to the artist and the buyers and sellers of their art. The development of this signature will be the genesis of building beyond community to expand into artist rights. FAC will develop one MAIN SOURCE OR CATALOG, one whole catalog, allowing art to be represented with transparency, authenticity and providing one day liquidity – with its documented provenance and facts. ART can finally be considered and respected for more then just its aesthetic please but as an alternative investment with secondary market value. An open market of artists and their art that can that can produce a new wave artist – many anonymous to the public by the de-institutionalization of the overall art market while producing without the many inherited influences from the now Modern Art World. This will open the day for the production of original, compelling contemporary art, in its most pure, powerful, and meaningful definition. It will expose art produced for individual satisfaction an inner need without the necessary link to exhibition, fame, or monetary reward. The reward being free market discovery and financial equality for artists and those that support them.


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– 10Muse


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