Day 3


“WE ARE AS GODS and might as well get at it. So far remotely done power and glory__as via government, big business, formal education, church___have succeeded to the point while gross defects obscure actual gains. In response to this dilemma and to these gains, a realm of intimate, personal power is developing…the power of the individual is developing. The power of individuals to conduct their own education, find their own inspiration, shape their own environment, and share the adventure with whoever is interested.” STEWARD BRAND 1968

Full Art Catalog (FAC) will renew this mantra by being the tool for Artists and those who follow and participate in the whole Art World to transform their power and experience to everyone.

FAC will gather BEN-DAY DOTS contributed from all over the planet to reveal the true picture of the ART MARKET today, tomorrow and forever.

Posted by: 10Muse


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