Day 5

From the Suites to the Streets!

Many have viewed the art market as a rich man’s game or investment. It is true that the master or well known artists like Picasso or Monet attract attention and enjoy a broader marketplace. We would argue that there is no real art market today. What exists today is an archaic system called the AUCTION market which is destined to be digitized – free market.

We believe that begins with democratizing the flow of information! With the 1.0 launch in late Spring 2017 we aim to have the art community participate in contributing to the overall ‘pulse’ of the art world – beginning with the artist. Artists share their ever changing visual stories, their unique voice – everyday. Galleries, collectors, dealers, patrons, seekers, critics, museums, advisers, curators, journalists, publicists and friends are also part of that story.

The layout of the initial 1.0 ‘Moon Rocket’ release will not only rely on visual fluency of art but the provenance from a wider set of individuals who potentially bring non-traditional insights and diversity into the contemporary art world.

We believe our advantage will be – exposing visual art, artists and their work to our culture through our initial 1.0 release and the subsequent  releases will build on that foundation.

Full Art Catalog will function in the early days as an evaluation and access point. Those individuals involved can discover and contribute facts/ opinions for all the discovered/ undiscovered artists on our planet. FAC will take TIME to blossom into the standard for sharing the artist story with the world.

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