Day 6


Science helps us understand how the world works. Art helps us interpret what reality works. Newton science provided an over abundance of new ways of thinking, however the naked eye is the best translator of the way we think. FAC will help the world as we see it…and what we think it is, Interpreting the Visual Arts gives us new ways to see, feel, and find new meanings to SHARE.

FAC will document social medias’ ability to expand the barriers of Modern Art. Like the Fauvist painters waving the praises of light in the form of color, (just as Einstein was enthroning light as the quintessence of the Universe) art in so doing fractured the trinity of space, time and light. Light speed is captured in form and idea. FAC will provide the best possible way of experiencing this, and in so doing help the ballooning population using the computer science to shape the infinite depth of all our ARTISTS signatures the will ADD to our truths in life.

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