Day 10 – The Slot Machines for Art

Methods of Buying Art Part 1 

Acquiring Visual Art can be accomplished in many different ways. For example buying ART from discount websites is like going to a casino; a buyer inserts coins or bills in a slot and pulls a lever that spins symbols on a dial to generate combinations that just might land on an Artist and his art that someday will determine his winnings. THIS METHOD IS CALLED SLOT MACHINE ART.

Another form of buying is called DURAD RUEZ METHOD. Here you go to a noted Gallery and ask the dealer or owner “who the critics are touting” ….it is also commonly called the CRITICS/ DEALERS SYSTEM.

If you were in the investment business this would be called “inside information” (which is illegal) or maybe a more traditional reference, following a research analysis buy recommendation. Art critics usually analyze specific Art work in the context of AESTHETICS …this analysis of beauty is unfortunately the fulcrum of sales enhancement, and the main argument of a dealer or an art advisor’s commissions. Their role of providing the appreciation of beauty or cultural significance has a twofold definition… appreciation in this form means monetary or even the GUILDED power of separating the gravy from the grit. Unfortunately, an Artist life to succeed as an artist way in the balance of this relationship of limited judgmental. FAC (Full Art Catalog) will open the pulse of opinions to give all artists access to be defined without manipulation or bias. FA_C will merge the objective and subjective of definition of aesthetics and give social media a voice in the beauty of an art piece and its cultural acceptance AND VALUE. There are many El Grecos or Henri de Toulouse Lautrec still to be discovered…one only has to remember they were rejected by the critics.


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