Day 13 – eBAY

METHOD OF BUYING/part three — Auctions

The Art Auction Market ..the part of the Art World that is “perfectly out of round”.

First it was called AUCTION WEB, now we know it has eBay, the online auction and shopping website whose rainbow shadow cover the entire world. Millions of items appear for auction on eBay from collectibles of every shape and size to Coelopleurus exquisitus sea urchins. eBay’s style of auction is bidding called “proxy bidding” or sealed bids, but with eBay’s own twists, like the current winning bid is displayed throughout the auction to allow price display. But realistically knowing all the technical aspects of eBay is not important. Why, because “FINE ART DOES NOT SELL ON EBAY”. The prices that artists demand for their labor and original art work is viewed by the audience that eBay appeals to as being too high. Statistically if an art work is priced over $150 the chances of it being sold is less the 20%; most listed art work gets no bid. The main testimony of artists and collectors trying to sell their works is that eBay is for bargain hunters, bottom feeders, and the worst outcome is it affects all the other art done by that artist and the prices he/she sold to his collectors, which can destroy an artist value. However, if one wants to sell prints, post cards or AEOS (Art card originals and editions) with low price brackets you can find success.



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