Day 15 – The Elite Auction

The analysis of the auction market goes from the basement of eBay to the elite high rise penthouses of the fine art auction sites of Sotheby’s, Christies, and Phillips de Pury. This is for the market, collectors and consignors of the oligarchs of bejeweled, paddles waving Elite rich. These auction houses carry a long history and drama of shaping and evaluating OUR fine art culture and value. Their global patrons and their collecting dynasties have reshaped the contemporary, impressionist and modern art market, causing artist like Barnett Newman, Andy Warhol and Francis Bacon to let prices soar to unbelievable heights. This selective process has made value just a matter of taste. This Glitz would best be described better by a journalized like Gay Talese, however every day there is something to report, Good and Bad.

But, these auction houses play a most vital role in our definition and puzzlement of cultural aesthetics and the pursuit of artist evaluation. Why, because they provide TRANSPARENCY. Auction prices cannot hide behind the curtain. However, arrived whether by a motive of social prestige or legitimate investment, the bidder and the seller must settle. The price is printed. (There are private auctions, but that’s another story) This is the stage all artist dream of… unfortunately they may have to wait… to die.

There are many other stages of smaller auction houses that also play their specialty and important role in providing transparent information for evaluation purposes. Even with this important role VALUE is subjective, Full Art Catalog (FAC) will collect all this narrative for the purpose of erasing arbitrary and selective taste of aesthetic value by putting the PULSE or voice in the hands of the masses, and by so doing opening up even a more TRANSPARENT TRUTH.


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