Day 16 – Adding to Art’s 3Ds

“There were only two things certain in life: death and taxes”….Benjamin Franklin

This idiom is a famous quotation by Benjamin Franklin. The Art World has its own idiom, called the 3 “D’s”. These are the clear and consistence motives that provide art to be sold and bought. The three “D’S” are death, debt and divorce (Edward Dolman). These are as certain to affect everyone, as certain as something bad happening to you if you run into “Groo the Wanderer”. Full Art Catalog (FAC) will be adding to these 3 “D’S” with its own “D”, …DISCOVERY, the 4TH D.

Discovery is not only detecting something NEW, but FAC will provide the Art Market 24/7 the “PULSE “of information to answer the many questions of acquisitions and distribution by transferring this knowledge, tools and the framework for the masses to explore the wonderful world of ART.


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