Day 17 – Determining Taste and Value – “the Guilds”

Taste is about the human ability to JUDGE what is beautiful, good and proper. AESTHETIC taste is the foundation of Visual Artwork’s value in the marketplace.

The art world has had an intimate organized approach to the interpretation of TASTE, it tells us what we see, it interprets the meanings we are to experience and it evaluates its importance. This judgement has been defining artist and the visual art market since the 14th century..its called the “GUILDS.”

A guild is an association of merchants who control the practice of a craft, sometimes called a cartel, sometimes called a secret society, always shrouded in mystery. This practice has been handed down for centuries, generation after generation and has been accepted as the Art Worlds doctrine.

This treatise now is being challenged by alternative outlets surfacing on the internet. Full Art Catalog (FAC) will untangle this jungle of information and create a highway for the visual arts to be discovered, defined and evaluated. Taste will be defined by the masses. The old business model is obsolete, and like the redefining of the music business so will be the VISUAL ART MARKET.



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