Day 19 – In Celebration of Crowdsourcing

When we put our minds together, humans can accomplish amazing feats. And we’re not only talking about NASA sending astronauts to the moon, although they certainly deserve their kudos. Specifically, ordinary women and men—people with no special anti-gravity training, who struggled through high school Calculus, and would rather spend a Friday night binge watching House of Cards on Netflix than orbiting the earth—have united to map the human genome, documented bird species for the National Audubon Society, and created an ever-growing and freely available encyclopedia of information called Wikipedia.

We accomplish this piece by piece, by applying the heft of our intellectual curiosity against each new riddle, mystery, and uncertainty. No task is too small, no feat too monumental, with an unlimited army of minds driving toward a single goal.

For Full Art Catalog that goal is assembling the most comprehensive pulse of the art world including – contributions from patrons, gallerists, critics, dealers, collectors, publicists, museums, friends, seekers and more. Each piece of information creates a greater sense of the artist story or work. Full Art Catalog is a broad portrait and history of contemporary artistic movements.

There are many more possible applications that we have yet to consider. As the Full Art Catalog grows, so will the various applications for our shared knowledge.

Each contribution is one step forward, one puzzle piece closer to a greater understanding of art and, hopefully, an economically brighter future for the artists who creates it.


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