Day 20- Art…Black and White

The ongoing debate has been” black and white, isn’t a color, it’s the absence of all color”, however the Art World’s real debate should be, does the Art world define art and artist with “black and white thinking”?

Black and white thinking can best be described has “all or nothing,” “positive or negative,” or just thinking in extremes. For the contribution of an artist and his or her art work to survive they have to survive the check list of: right or wrong, good or bad, smart or stupid, and success or failure. The answers to these questions have remained in the hands of a limited audience and have left meaningful art and artist undiscovered or appreciated.
Art by its own nature provides the process of “thinking out of the box”, unlocking the inquiry of the unknown, providing the photons of light for new Enlightenment. Using this splitting mind set, eliminates the creative motive and discovery. Full Art Catalog (FAC) will provide a 0 friction runway to help launch and discover the Goldilocks Zone of new and old artist constellations. The invisible white light of the masses will be filtered through the prism of our platform to create a constant rainbow of the artist expression.




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