Day 21 – From Black and White to the Color Gold

“Do to others what you want to do to you”

This is the single most important maxim to be found in all religions, from Christianity, Judaism, Islamic to Indian and Asian teachings. This axiom of the GOLDEN RULE, is sometimes overshadowed by a more contemporary interpretation, spoken by MR. T’S candid remark. “I believe in the Golden Rule…The man with the Gold …Rules. The importance of monetary value does influence what artist and art value ultimately is; this however can tarnish the value and manipulate the importance and provenance of future work and other artists. Many examples can be found within contemporary legal cases that frankly do not need to be rehashed, but it’s obvious that a more democratic practice of the exchange of ART and Gold would help underscore the axiom of the GOLDEN Rule.FA-C goal is to assist in the process.

GOLD is also used to present a more pleasing understanding of the Aesthetic exposure in drawing and painting. This is called the GOLDEN RATIO.As early as the 16th century Heinrich Agrippa drew a man’s body in a pentagram inside a circle to explain the GOLDEN RATIO. Leonardo de Vinci incorporated the Golden Ratio in his paintings, and even Mondrian used it in his geometrical paintings. Understanding this principle, one can see the arrangement of nature’s signature from leaves to the Golden Spiral of sea shells.
The color Gold is used in the context of financial benefits and design, but the most important meanings are in the Visual Arts contribution for a better understanding of the world and its different cultures and society’s. The principle of “GOLDEN ACTS” best describes it as…. “we want a better world as one act of kindness at a time. We showcase good Deeds, and in turn, inspire others to act similarly together, we can make the world a better place, one Golden Act at a time.”

Full Art Catalog (FAC) will showcase all aspects of Visual Arts, and inspire others too act similarly, together we can unravel the Art World’s GOLDEN hidden secrets and make the world a better place …one GOLDEN secret at a time.



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