Day 26 – Art Tropism

The global Art market has sustained a constant 7+% growth year after year from the bottom of the “great recession “off 2007 and 8. The demand for postwar and contemporary art has lead the way counting for 48% and modern art 28% of the 60-billion-dollar market place. This emerging Global Art market has changed its landscape with the advent of more significant players in Britain, China, India, Russia, and the Middle East. This has also been true in the regional art markets. This has led to the demand for new emerging art and artists. To satisfy this new world of demand new avenues of supply need to open and an environment conducive for growth needs to be sown. Full Art Catalog (FAC) calls the need for Art Tropism.

Tropism is a word associated with the biological phenomenon of plant growth. But understanding the stimulus and environment are essential for this transduction to occur. FA-C will help provide the art market this taxis direction. With Moon Rocket 1.0 the stimulus or contributions of patrons, artists, galleries ,curators, museums, seekers and friends/ will help shed new light to sustain growth, prevent nastic or non-directional growth, and help supply the needs the Art Market now demands.

This is the first day of spring – let the new growth begin.


Featured image: Aegea Barclay – Blooming


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