Day 28 – Entrepôt/ARTS PORT OF CALL

…..the shortest travel route for the distribution of Art

A entrepôt is a central point {for a given geographic area} where goods are bought together and physically traded; before the re-export to their final destination. Specialized ports were developed to streamline the efficiency of this function. However, a deviation of this primary function of storage and transportation was also to promoted the exchange of information about market forces, prices and developments in the factor of supply and demand. {De Vries and Van de Woudepage 692}. Full Art Catalog (FAC) will design a model to revitalize this in the modern Art World. By the development of FAC PORT OF CALL, traffic of the free exchange of goods, of artist and their art can make the efficiency of the buying and selling of Art benefit from lowering marginal cost and economy of scale giving the monopoly of this market back in the hands of the artist and their art.


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