Day 30 – Carney Barking

…..we’re not going to solve our problems if we get distracted by carnival barkers and sideshows…Barack Obama (4/27/11)

The political theater today has heightened our awareness of the old practice of “carnival barking”. Every day we are bombarded by “tweets” and the reality TV format by the media of distractions and solicitations that are only meant to incite our attention not unravel the truth.

Full Art Catalog (FAC) has no intention to participate in this practice. There are many Art Sites that their whole intention is to utilize this method of BARKING not for the appreciation of art but just to make a sale. FAC whole intention is to bring a voice to of artist and the art world, and help register all the new voices of discovery to be heard in more than an ephemeral moment, but a long lasting mellifluous, sonorous sound while taking the defenestration act and drowning out this constant CARNY BARKING.


Featured Art by: HENRI LA CHAIRE


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