Day 35 – House of Blues

“Unity in Diversity”

While attending the performance of “BONE, THUGS~N~ HARMONY “at the House of Blues I noticed hovering over the stage a lots of symbols, and the words, UNITY IN DIVERSITY.

Every kind of venues hit the stage night after night and the community of invisible friends are united by their similar interest while sharing a musical message. Each musical group has their important message of life’s reflection of problems, love, happiness, sadness through entertainment puzzlement and allegory. The creation and perpetuation of this community is vital for the success of these groups and their music. The best definition of community is a space or place where people meet to communicate to share their interest and ideas for agreement or disagreement yielding the ultimate purpose of this discovery for the betterment of the world.

Full Art Catalog (FAC) will provide a similar stage for the voice of the visual artist, and the diversity of artistic messages FAC will be the visual arts JUKEBOX, a name, a genre, letters and numbers can be entered in a combination and will display a specific selection to see and share. FA-C will connect invisible friends and assist in opening a community of voices of agreement or disagreement within the pulse of the VISUAL ART MARKET to help bond and understand the UNITY OF DIVERSITY…all for the better good.



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