Day 36 – 門


In the pursuit of judging and mining for new artists and new artistic expression it is Full Art Catalog‘s (FAC) goal to help reveal the important discovery of not only form but non-form. The use of MA is the greatest teacher of this important process.

Is it the main object, drawn, painted or expressed presented by an artist the main focus of their work or is it the background? Looking at a canvas, looking through the glass, looking at the placement of a sculpture is like opening a door for vision to lead to one’s personal cerebral images and contemplation. It is like closing and rubbing your eyes to experience the phosphene that dance in your head. Doors open .. scintillating light can come in for the millions of experiences and one can “see their own stars” to discover…FAC will provide a door for artist and artistic expression that are hiding in the empty space of the Art World and in so doing help lovers of Art fill in their own backgrounds.



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