Day 37 – What is Provenance?

The word provenance derives from the French provenire meaning “to originate”. In the Art world provenance is an accumulation of historical records of ownership from an art pieces’ creation to its present status today. But, to FAC provenance significance has a much wider role and importance. FAC believes provenance also records changing artist tastes and collecting priorities, a record of social and even political alliances, and the main measure of economic and market conditions influencing the value and authenticity in the sale and transfer of a work of Art.

FAC provides this documentation through the many contributions of daily posts or what can be called modern day fonds. The French refer to this as the” Respect des fonds,” which dictates the record of different origins(provenance) to be kept separate mainly to preserve the context of archive process. The more verified and recorded provenances documentation, can have a considerable difference and impact to an Artist and the value of his or her art. Therefore, PROVENANCE is the backbone of FAC mission in cataloging on a daily basis and bounding and publishing annually its discoveries in the FULL ART CATALOG.


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