Day 38 – Goodbye Dandelion

“We will miss you.”

There are 1000 levels of light-dark, 100 levels of red green, 100 levels of yellow blue, which translate that this total of visible colors we see is about 1000x100x100….or 10 million. But today we are losing one that has been singled out to be a part of our cultural history of Artist Expression…DANDELION. Chosen to be part of the iconic 24 colors given to us in the symbolic Gold metal box given to us as children by CRAYOLA. The brand that was adopted by the combination of French translation of “crale” meaning chalk, and “ola” meaning oily. This combination created a medium of sticks of colors we all as children helped open our imaginations we could translate. As Pablo Picasso said “all children are artist’, Crayola handed us the ability to with a circular motion, and the gradation of pressure discover the kaleidoscope of wonderment. The convenience and ease of use from preschool to California Pizza Kitchen idle hands could open us to “Color Escapes”.

So today DANDELION goes to color heaven to join green blue, orange red, orange yellow, violet blue, maize, lemon yellow, blue gray, blizzard blue, magic mint, teal blue, and mulberry. Gone from the magic box, but never to be forgotten in opening our eyes to the many that MOTHER NATURE gave to us – of course we will never forget your scent!



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