Day 41 – SYZYGY

    …..straight line configuration of three celestial bodies.

It’s easy to buy art. but not to sell it. There are many traditional forces to provide for this union of buyers and sellers. But, the increasing migration of the digital use of communication has changed the exchange of art work in the world of art, like what happen with the advent of the use of acrylics replacing the use of egg yolk and linseed oil for immediate colorful expression. FAC platform is designed to align the 3 important links of ARTIST, BUYER AND SELLER. FAC will provide the yoke of SYZYGY for more visibility and transparency of Artistic transactions. Many artists that have been eclipsed by commercialization of the visual art market but now will be able to be revealed from the umbra shadow and be part of transit movement of new discoveries’ FAC will be the straight line configuration of the ARTIST, THE BUYERS AND THE SELLERS in the ever changing Art World of today.


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