Day 43 – Medium or Message

The Visual Arts are defined as all forms of ceramics, drawings, paintings, printmaking photography, video and film making and sculpture (although 3 dimensional) that produce an image that reflect the reality of the world we share. To define the role and production of this process of placing pigment to a 2-dimensional surfaces focuses on the transformation and the visual experience of its medium.

The mediums to capture these ideas are conveyed in three main categories: 1) REPRESENTATIONAL ART. Representational Art represents ACTUAL objects or subjects, from the Paleolithic Age of figure drawings today’s definition of the use of realism, expressionism, and idealism. 2) ABSTRACT ART. Abstract art takes a subject from what we claim as reality then present these differently, therefore, taking lines, shapes and color transforming it in a NON TRADITIONAL manner like minimalism, cubism and precision-ism. 3)NON OBJECTIVE ART. Art work that does not reflect, represent or depict a person place or thing in our world of reality or natural world is Non Objective Art. Essentially the elements and principles of this art is for the main purpose of visually stimulation or mainly created to ignite our inner feelings. The inner voice of confusion, fear and puzzlement to serenity and beauty. Jackson Pollack Mural on Indian Red to Wassily Kandinsky in his Improvisation 10 are excellent examples. Today there are many contemporary artists whose work would be classified as Non Objective.

FAC believes that the Visual Arts are more than ‘Art we See’, by providing a platform that opens the many personal voices of patrons, collector’s, museums, curators and artists themselves. By opening these avenues and the freedom to exchange ones social language of feelings ,FA-C gives power to the transformation of the visual arts and its artists not only to the world around us ..but inside us. FA-Cwill help engage in the artist message, expand the experience of perception and reflection that the visual arts provide, and energize the self-awareness of the ensemble of our inner feeling. Like from Mozart to Mile Davis, feelings can be expressed without words…. line, shapes and color can stimulate this cathartic experience for all of us to share.




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