Day 45 – Influence VS Affluence

AFFLUENCE: an abundance of money, property, wealth, riches, acquisition of material goods

INFLUENCE: the capacity and power of persons to produce effects that lead to actions, opinions or behavior change or effects

Affluence of art flows toward you, the Influence of art flows into you. In the process of evaluation of artworks, the mainstream system of ‘true value’ leans heavily toward the predetermined financial gathering of facts. Facts that provided subjectivity by those who can benefit the most… financially. The parameters by affluence participants usually provided the most impute and also stand to gain the most. Art has become a business, and the effect that the Affluent side of valuation tips the scales of the evaluation process and overshadows the importance of the Aesthetic importance of an artist voice or value. The artist and his artwork need to garner more votes to eliminate this double standard and avoid the contradiction of existing beliefs of artist value. FAC platform is designed for the Influential VOICE to be heard and support a more objective evaluation process.

In so doing the ‘true value’ can be provided for investment, divestment, estate valuation, charitable contributions, borrowing collateral, and even “art speculators”. With a broader brush of public Influence, the understanding, authenticity and freedom, the value of an artist being shackle by an affluence few will be equalized. And, possible help unchain the argument of Arts Achilles heel that art is not fungible…FA-C encourages Art’s role as a participant in Western economics and the importance of Industrialized capitalism, but ART Universal role also underscores the importance of Buddhist economics and its foundation of self-internal value. The value of art is measured in dollars and cents.. the aesthetic contribution is equally as important; the votes of value it plays by its Influence of others and by others will help unveil its real TRUE VALUE.



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