Day 49 – Just Say No To Art Platforms

If you have not had the time to read The Slot Machines For Art – you might gleam from it the reason “art platforms,” fail artists.
Full Art Catalog is set up to allow you (INSERT ARTIST NAME) and those that interact with you the ability to contribute to your career in art. Beginning with 5 6 points of provenance:
  1. Article (note worthy writing, online or offline, with an artist name, or geography)
  2. Social (mentions of artist, artwork on various social media i.e. instagram, twitter, fb, snapchat etc)
  3. Exhibition (a public display of art)
  4. Spotted (art seen in public, restaurants, on tv, at airports, city halls, libraries…etc )
  5. Factoid (background story of artist or artwork, news bit, or just FYI)
  6. Ownership (currently in possession of artwork) <- NEW!!!!
Will you participate in your own narrative? Join us – Full Art Catalog
This is only the beginning!

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