Day 56 – Filtering CULTURE

FAC is not another Art Platform..its a movement, designed for artists and the market at large. Utilizing collective knowledge to share artist importance and their individual messages to define our culture.

Culture is defined as a system of shared values, beliefs and rituals that are learned and passed down through generations and social groups. This often takes shape by accepting agendas without examination and a means of new discovery. Every person has their own FILTER of which they look through that contributes to their cultural understanding and fulfillment. FAC movement is the path the viewers eyes take that widen the scope of Artist and the Art world importance to this self-message.

The sharing of individual Filtering will widen the important scope of our cultural exchange and understanding.

Cultural bombardment of politics, entertainment and entertainment, religion, sexual activities and materialism has damaged our ability to focus on the true impact ART and all Artists translations of their own filtered messages. Art is and always has been the refection of all human activity, beliefs and our shared filtered values’. FAC will be utilizing all this collective knowledge, and letting people realize how very much this is for their own personal awareness and the importance of life’s true message
‘know thy self’….

As Version 1.0 completes its framework eventually subsequent releases will build on this foundation to allow many new aspects of artist exposure, and valuations leading to Artist Royalties, an Artist Fund, and regaining the cornerstone off our culture.


FAC black and white


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