Day 63 – Encouragement of Public Art

The art world is all around us – Saw a beautiful mural by artist Crystal Barbre across from Pike Place on 1st Ave (on the right side) as you travel North – now posted on Full Art Catalog.

Every person has their own FILTER of which they look through that contributes to their cultural understanding and fulfillment. FAC movement is the path the viewers eyes take that widen the scope of Artist and the Art world importance to this self-message.

The sharing (is now on Full Art Catalog) of individual Filtering that will widen the important scope of our cultural exchange and understanding.

FAC is not another Art Platform – its a movement – for artists and the market at large. Version 1.0 completes the initial framework for contributing information to an artists work. Utilizing collective knowledge to share more about the artist than ever before. In subsequent releases we will build on this foundation to allow valuations of artists work and eventually transactions leading to Artist Royalties and an Artist Fund.

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