Day 64 – The Plover and the Crocodile

Within the laws of nature many relationships were developed for survival. Many of these are based on the role of predator and prey, like black bears and salmon, or fox and rabbit.

There are however other relationships that have been developed to benefits two-party relationship off survival, one of these is the classic Egyptian Plover and the Crocodile.

However hard to imagine this union, while the croc opens his mouth full of teeth, the little plover fly’s in and cleans all the foreign materials keeping them clean and ready for action, also, while grooming the crocs outside shield from foreign objects that might be harmful. The little plover on the other hand sings with a full stomach. This symbiotic relationship is exactly what FAC wishes to establish with the artist and the Art Market.
FAC will establish a more equal and dependable relationship of artist profile for value, meaning and continual survival.


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