Day 65 – Carpe Diem

… of the greatest lines in film history

There is nothing more exhilarating then falling into the hands of a visual art piece that an artist has made that captures your imagination and the orgasmic experience and feelings aesthetic pleasure and excitement.

Unfortunately following directly behind is the black hole of doubt allowing oneself to decide to continue this connection by purchasing this experience or not. “SEIZE THE MOMENT…” make the most of the present time. It’s easy to not allow oneself this continuum mainly because of unpredictable future consequences. Not having all the knowledge of who, what and why of an artist and their art is intimating. ARTS message is NOW! FAC will provide all the intellectual moving parts needed to frame the immediacy of this decision…. CARPE DIEM ….THIS IS ARTS GIFT…BECAUSE IF NOT NOW…WHEN?


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