Day 71 – VIRTU/Washington Oregon

To many the discovery of the Visual Arts is hard to find and separate amidst all the Art platforms touting their cluttered inventories. The use of originals is used without the main definition of origins. Originality is that which has origins, not something that springs out of a digital screen. Art expression into regional identities express an artist importance to our overall culture and at the same time the regional origins of interpretation that an artist represents. Many platforms purpose is to engage the viewer directly in the work of art, not focusing on what it is supposed to be about. These gimmicks cut the transformational power of the interface between an artist’s facet and viewer, can eliminate the emotional tonalities that interpret nature and human nature, sight and insight and Arts generating power to define overall culture and regional schools of art expression.

FAC analysis beyond the obtusity, and the titillation, the superficial, trendy and venal, to a higher octave where culture can be recorded, valued and shared. FAC will reclaim the VIRTU in the Art World and open up the voice of all artist that can add to their regional expression. This model can be duplicated all over our country and cultures even international. FAC will focus

on the Pacific Northwest, specifically Washington and Oregon artist to develop this template of Regional Expression of culture and the clear definition of VIRTU to be shared and valued accurately.


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