Day 76 – The Art of Selfie

There are 93 million selfies taken each day. Photography was a selected visual art everyone is checking their phone 100 billion times a day to see the worlds newsiest self-created images translated by SELFIES. The same aesthetic disciplines used by know photographers are now being used by all of us. The phones we hold today hand us the ability of having a way to discover and display ones “photographic eye.” Posting a selfie is therefore more than just revealing ones narcistic self, it goes way beyond that and actually shows that ART IS INGRAINED IN ALL OF US.

Full Art Catalog would like to challenge each and all selfie photographers to take a photo with a visual art piece, a painting a sculpture, that reveals another dimension of one’s “photographic eye” … each selfie submitted to FAC will be published in our semiannual FULL ART CATALOG. HAPPY SELFING!



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