In the Northwest nautical terms are very familiar. The phrase “red, right returning” give guidance to those returning from open waters to keep the red buoys on the right side(starboard) of one’s ship for safe passage to the head water of one’s destination. Much like what a gallery does to provide an artist their channel of passage for his or her annual delivery of their 3 or 4 week of moorage and an anchor to windward at the gallery. After of which they are set free to return to open waters without much steerage or copiloting instruction. Unfortunately, these voyages for the next 50 weeks need to know how to use other aids in success and survival. For example, black aid buoys with a single red horizontal strip indicate isolation and danger. Then, there are the yellow aid buoys that mark congestion and traffic problems jetties to avoid and nets not to be tangled up in. This is where Full Art Catalog provides this copiloting and steerage for artist to stay alive. FAC will provide this charting of safe course particularly for daily visibility and secondary activity of an artist. FA-C will keep an artist’s ongoing voyage safe and he and his crew alive.


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