Day 82 – “NOMEN EST OMEN”… and the ART of APTRONYM

The visual experience of Art needs to be shared. The expression “it caught my eye” is the visual message that one’s implicit egotism captures. Humans have an unconscious preference to things they associate with themselves. This is what lies within the power of Art and the Artist message. But the real message is found in its Aptronym, or simply put the name that fits the piece. Seeking the title translates this to another dimension. . “Nomen est omen” naming the title is a sign of the artist meaning. This is which translates the essence of what was captured internally within an artist and shared with the viewer. Directing this energy is the central gift from the artist. This knowledge adds to our cultural stripe we share with each other. Full Art Catalog opens the doors for seekers. collectors. curator’s galleries etc., all viewers, who view the wonderful world of Visual Art, to share their selective perception, read the title and shared it with everyone else…where ever they find it, so others can have their own transforming experience.


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