Day 89 – “UNTITLED” Jean-Michel Basquiat

The main alloy that create the fusion of expensive art (particular at auction) is the gold in the hands of a chosen selected few. The price of an art piece can be controlled by 2 different bidders… unlike any other marketplace.

The other main element is the ‘back story’ or in the art world discovery of provenance. But, the element of looking at the artist himself can dramatically affect his future value… and the control by others can have as much important to value as the creation of the main character of a successful novel. These elements are: that he or she has to be different, having some important distinguishing characteristics, especially someone we want to know, or no know, to understand or disagree. To the viewer the main character has to have unique visual characteristics, and a sketch of a life with a compelling subplot, of the complexity’s and contradictions of class struggle, rich vs poor, black vs white, epigrams of sex drugs and “rock and roll” or spiritual message. To many this character sketch carry’s as much value as the complexity of an artist’s medium and expert techniques.

The sale of Jean Michel Basquiat painting “UNTITLED”, fits this template perfectly, and the gallery owners, collectors and selected few know THAT “UNTITLED” really has a TITLE.

This is not to say Jean Michel Basquiat art work of Gray’s Anatomy skulls are not “raw, uncensored and fiercely and magnificent”, but unfortunately 99 percent of other artist works will not fit into this best-selling publicity.

Full Art Catalog will be adding every day to all artist back-story, provenance and market values…preserving an open market to evaluate the true character of artistic importance, freeing an artist.. to be an artist..without any manipulation.

In watching the Billboard Music Awards, Ed Sheeran was singing Castle on the Hill, …he was wearing a T shirt that said ….HOAX…A TITLE FOR SOMETHING.



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