When the word liquid finds its way into the description of visual art, it is often used to describe the flowing fluidity of a medium like oil or water used into the enhancement of the arts presentation. But, the real importance of the word liquid in the art world is market liquidity. Market liquidity refers to the extent to which a market, like the art market, allows the asset value of an art piece produced, to be bought and sold at at stable prices.

Without this stability, the trust of an art pieces being categorized as an investment fails the test enjoyed by the real estate and equity markets.

Today at least 80% of all art doesn’t qualify or enjoy this definition.

Over the last 100 plus days FA-C has been emphasizing the need for wider Discovery for artists, there are over 1000 sites that sell discovery, unfortunately Discovery does not stop at the point of sale, it just begins, it needs to be tracked and appraised daily. FA-C’s artists profile will be designed to provide buyers and sellers, and more importantly THE ARTIST, a stable and open market for fair and orderly appraisal and evaluation of their art work.



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