Galleries/ what is the narrative

The role of commercial galleries have changed. This story of their changing role in the art world could be a long narrative debate, but there are some very simple facts.

The delivery system of art to the world through the gallery system is diminishing, and being replaced by internet sites and social media; brick and mortar is being replaced by Jpeg files; this maybe unfortunate but it’s just the truth. The emperor does have new clothes. There are close to 300,000 dealers of art now with a business cards identifying themselves as art sellers in some form. Many of these pseudo pundits and experts can enter the marketing door without much cost, and with no intention of adding value to the artist, or secondary value support.

However, the cultural backbone of the art world will always have its true identity with the Gagosian, Pace and Hauser & Wirth of the world, similar to basketball having the NBA or football having the NFL and the other cities satellite gallery’s having their local teams. These galleries can spin artistic success like Hollywood spin successful actors. The flesh that galleries on all levels are displaying are vitally important to art being seen and experienced. This primary market of sale if not supported by the role galleries play would leave the art world faceless. So the gallery opening in Chelsea, and in every city are more important to the art world then just a free cocktail.

The narrative of the gallery, is that they need to also developed their own online visibility or realize the importance of partnering with sites that are developed for more than just financial gain. FA-C is developed to categorize regional identity and support to the artist message, and provide orderly value of the secondary market. The partnership of FA-C will only enhance the main gallery’s effort of the introduction of new talent and commercial success of their business…selling ART.


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