Its more the “weenie counting”

Guerrilla girls

Looking at the list of the most 100 important artists in history, only 3 women are listed. In reading about each all you see is…he was brazen and technically gifted, his use of color is one of the most important, he is the most important figure of early abstract painters, he is the greatest master of self-portrait painters,….he,he,he.

There have always been major obstacles of female artists being eliminated from this list, it wasn’t until female artist like Louise Elisabeth Vigee Le Bren, Mary Cassatt, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Helen Frankenthaler that this masculine dominating industry had its glass ceiling begin to be shattered.

FA-C acknowledges the importance of the Guerrilla girls voice to eliminate this hierarchy of gender and race, and will seek and open up the gates for all artist’s originality and new authorship. Seattle takes pride in expanding this message from the original organization of the WPW , Women’s Painters of Washington in 1930’s, to the now seven curator’s role of the Seattle Art Museum, and the female management importance of the other public galleries of the Northwest.


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