red white blue

In America particularly on our Independence Day when the words, RED WHITE and BLUE are spoken we all have the flash of our Flag in our mind and its symbolic meaning. Art’s color messages to our consciousness and sensitivities are life’s greatest pleasures. Colors therefore can translate into very different meanings. For example, if you take the complementary colors of red, white and blue.. and the opposite colors of white in our flag, you would see a flag of green stripes (complementary color to red), oranges stripes (complementary to blue), and black stripes (opposite to white) and the translation can change from:

RED: the main meanings are energy, passion, action, ambition, to GREEN new direction, new growth, like greenhorn.

BLUE: the main meaning of Trust, Peace, fidelity and cohesiveness, to ORANGE main meanings of pessimism and superficially.

White: the main meaning of perfection, purity, wholeness, independence and truth, to BLACK main meaning of hidden, secretive, air of mystery, and hiding from the truth.

Today in our minds we are seeing two different flags… Hopefully good old RED, WHITE AND BLUE will overcome any other interpretations and let us all celebrate our wonderful country. FA-C goal is to make sure Colors of Art will always have personal importance for us to translate.



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