A recent Seattle Weekly article “Artist on the Brink” defines a major problem facing artist in Seattle and our region. Artists affording the spiral costs of living expenses and the increasing eliminating of affordable housing and work spaces from gentrification, and renovation are forcing displacement and the exit of artistic talent from Seattle causing a possible Artist Ghost Town.

The article earmarks the money available to artist through the Neddy Awards ($25,000 plus $1500x 6) the Betty Bowen Award ($2500), the Brink Award ($12,500) and other completive grants but obviously these monies only benefit a very small reach into the art community.

The real problem is getting the monies generated by artist back into the hands of those who generate it….THE ARTIST not the rich gallery owner or auction house. Historical commission schedules take as much as 50% on primary sales from artist. Art as an asset or commodity is last to benefit from being repriced by the internet’s network. FA-C platform is designed to have the artist’s sales expense from commissions be 10% and an additional 3% for a fund to be created to help artist needs like housing, healthcare, legal or extra ordinary expenses. FA-C income projections with the use of this 3% will provide more monies then all the award payouts combined. Along with other ideas of FA-C support Seattle will NEVER BE AN ARTIST GHOST TOWN.


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