NW Artist on eBay

If art can be/ is an asset…why would a piece originally purchased in 1994 not be worth the same if not more based on the artist’s own career/ acknowledgements and awards?

See this eBay listing – Exposing the Catch 1994 x GALEN GARWOOD – NW Artist – Sold at Foster/White Gallery

Full Art Catalog has 10 recorded provenance entries for NW Artist Galen Garwood 8 verified by the artist himself.

Details of eBay Listing here:

Framed size 31” wide x 45” tall – Oil on Canvas
Galen Garwood has been compared to a young Morris Graves. Garwood still has a mystic signature. Garwood spent time with Morris Graves during the later years of Morris’ life in Northern California. 
Garwood is considered one of the last remaining true NW Artists – gentile. The likes of which we may never see again.
This particular piece was sold by Foster/White Gallery in Seattle. 
From the artist – “In 1994, while still living in the United States, in my home and studio, overlooking the straits of Juan de Fuca on the Pacific Northwest’s Olympic Peninsula, sleeping close to my lovely French/American etching press, venturing into various creative activities that have sustained me for a lifetime, I created Marrowstone Arts, an entity that promoted poetry & art and exhibitions for friends who were then young emerging artists.”
This particular piece was secured via default to a lien. You would essentially be the 4th owner if traced by exchanged hands – Garwood to Foster/White to Owner #1 to Owner #2 to Owner #3 and (Owner #4 ________).
The actual artwork is the size noted on the F/W Gallery tag. The frame is a neutral blonde wood, while the artwork is mounted on a different, painted piece of wood. The artwork is raised about ¼’ from the back of the overall piece – providing an almost 3D effect. Galen Garwood’s signature is in the lower right corner in almost the same color as the area it is painted on.
The frame itself has a little wear to it with some scratches and dents…but zero issues with actual artwork. The frame itself tells the story of where the piece has been over the past 23 years.
This is a great artwork from a well known living NW Artist whose art and influence will continue to climb in coming years. 
If you follow NW Artists, the art market as a whole or are new to art collecting this is a great starting piece. While you own the piece contribute to the artist story by sharing via Full Art Catalog.
According to Full Art Catalog there are 10 recorded Provenance items 8 verified/ 1 pending/ 1 submitted.
Average Price per Artwork from the Pacific Northwest region of artists is roughly $1700 as of July 19, 2017 according to Full Art Catalog.
When contacted about this piece Galen supplied the following information – “It sold at FW in 1994 for $1800…”
Today a Galen Garwood piece starts at ~$5,000 and climbing.
Circle of Galen Garwood – referenced via Full Art Catalog:

Don Foster of (Foster/White)

Morris Graves 

Peter Simpson

Merch Pease

Jan Thompson

Richard Svare

Barclay Family Collection
2008 First Place Winner, Short Documentary/ film, De Reel Film Festival,Victoria, Australia
2007 First Place Winner, Short Documentary/ film, Port Townsend Film Festival Port Townsend, WA
1995 Bronze Award/Adagio, International Multimedia competition
1990 Washington State Governor’s Award for PASSPORT
1984 Northwest Print Project (first recipient),Centrum Foundation, Port Townsend, Washington
1979 Exhibitor, American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York, New York
1976 First Place/ painting, Pacific Northwest Annual
————Solo Exhibitions———–
2008 Gallery Ima, Seattle, WA
2007 Gallery Ima, Seattle, WA
2003 Marrowstone Arts, Seattle
1996 Foster/White Gallery, Seattle
1994 Foster/White Gallery, Seattle
1992 Henry Art Gallery/Adagio, Multi-Media
1992 Port Angeles Art Center, Mandala
1992 Lower Columbia College, Mandala
1991 Gerald Gallery, Toronto
1989 Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, Washington
1987 Miller-Brown Gallery, San Francisco, California
1987 Tacoma Art Museum, monotypes, Tacoma, Washington
1987 Foster/White Gallery, monotypes, Seattle, Washington
1986 Foster/White Gallery, paintings, collage, Seattle, Washington
1985 Marrowstone Press, monotypes, Ergodic Pax, Seattle, Washington
1984 Foster/White Gallery, paintings on plexiglass, Seattle, Washington
1984 Southwest Texas State College, paintings on plexiglass, San Marcos, Texas
1983 Foster/White Gallery, paintings, Seattle, Washington
1982 Carl Borenstein Gallery, Santa Monica, California
1982 Foster/White Gallery, paintings, Seattle, Washington
1981 Tom Luttrell Gallery, oil on paper, San Francisco, California
1980 Foster/White Gallery, oil on paper, Seattle, Washington
1980 Tom Luttrell Gallery, paintings, San Francisco, California
1979 Foster/White Gallery, collage, Seattle, Washington
1977 Foster/White Gallery, collage, Seattle, Washington
1975 Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida
1975 Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, Washington
1974 Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, Washington



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