Interpreting the reason painters use color, has its own embedded meanings. Like the use of geometric shades, contrasting colors interrupting and intersecting each on ships in WWII called…. Dazzle Paint.

The use of dazzle paint was used to camouflage these ships from enemy fire. Each ship had its own unique dazzle pattern, and was a major factor that influenced the Cubist, in particular Picasso. Understanding color is of major importance to the Visual Art world.FA-C will help contribute to this joy of understanding. For example, even Battleship grey now used on todays battleships have a unique combination of colors on the RGB model, 51.8% red,51.8% green and 51% blue. Harnessing these various proportions and combination bring the digital spectrum alive. FA-C will help explore all the hidden dazzle paint canvas’s, all polychromatic schemes and even enhance the achromatic world often forgotten.



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