Firstly, CONSIGNMENT decide who you want to consign with: The first step is choosing a platform – the most popular being either a gallery or auction house. There are pros and cons to both, which could depend on the piece of work you are selling. Galleries normally buy the artwork for a set price or […]

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Understanding an Art Collector is the key for an Artist to be collectable. ART COLLECTORS QUIZ Art collectors seek out to meet artist? Art collectors follow careers of artist? Art collectors have relationships with galleries? Art collectors follow artist they buy? Art collectors once fill their house walls stop buying? Art collectors rely on others […]



There are “INFLUENCERS “that communicate through their channels with the goal of selectively framing others like or dislike, adopt or ban, buy, skip or sell artistic talent and art work. FAC will provide equal coverage for all artist to be discovered and born every day. In the culture of gallery walls, auction manipulation, unposted trades […]


Sell the monkey, A memoir

Via Galen Garwood Official Website… SELL THE MONKEY, a Memoir by GALEN GARWOOD I can’t, of course, speak for every artist. But I believe for many—indeed, for myself—it’s impossible to separate what we make from what has made us, i.e., the totality of our lives—genetics, culture, influences, choices, our mistakes, the kiss of serendipity, and […]

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Liquidity In Art

The unifying factor of all art investment vehicles is their focus on the art market, which is characterized by a lack of regulatory authority, deficient price discovery mechanisms, the non-transparency of the market and the subjective value and illiquid nature of fine art. The art market has only a set of best practices exercised by […]

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Frye Art Museum

Posted via the Stranger THINGS TO DO MAR 14, 2018 The Best Art Shows in Seattle: Spring 2018 Picks from Seattle Art and Performance for March 19–June 10, 2018 by Katie Kurtz, Emily Pothast and Joule Zelman NOW Recorded – FullArtCatalog Tavares Strachan (Through April 15): Born and raised in the Bahamas and currently based in […]

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This past week we celebrated INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY”, a day to recognize women for the achievement without regard to division, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, political or economic expression. This year also has been highlighted by #METOO and the TIMES’S UP movement. If Diane Arbus was taking a picture of the important visual artists today […]


The Online Art Market Is Booming—Here’s What You Need to Know

On Tuesday, art insurance company Hiscox released its fourth annual report detailing the state of the online art trade. Their findings, which examine data gathered by art market research firm ArtTactic, confirm indications in last month’s TEFAF report that the cooling of the global art market has not yet affected online sales—on the contrary, they […]

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