Why Record Art Provenance?

Those who do it best post regularly, maintain consistent and engaging narratives, provide insight not only into their art but also into their lives and adventures as artists, and are good about interacting with their fans. But let’s not forget their art– these artists also tend to be productive, dedicated to their profession as well […]

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From the old Midway of the 1920s era of Coney Island the Arcade created the importance of the interactive visual experience we constantly search for the new frontiers of our imagination. Arcade action of color and noise featured puzzle solving, complex thinking, strategy skills and undiscovered worlds beyond our one dimensional lives. This explosion lead […]

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There are many websites hustling artist artwork. Full Art Catalog (FA-C) goal is to empower artist to roll up the sky to make a telescope to see beyond the old scripts of marketing with a palimpsest vehicle to scrap clean these scrolls with new ideas of artistic expression. Artist need to sell themselves. With the […]


The “I” in ‘EYE’

The eye reveals the object of information, the subject in communication, interactivity, and the centralization of power to translate aesthetics. Color alone can translate normal vision to deuteranomaly, to protanopia, to tritanopia, to monochromay. The eye can have the red eye effect, deer in the headlights, “fire in the eyes “and that let visual arts […]

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