Day 22 – 10% of 1.0 Release

Today we are setting up to deploy an initial version of Full Art Catalog – which is about 10% of the functionality we are aiming for the 1.0 Release.

Whats in this release? A: 10% of Moon Rocket Release – this version will allow patrons, artists, galleries, museums, curators, seekers, friends etc – to contribute 5 separate ‘provenance,’ items for artists and/or their work. For information that is incomplete – we created a ‘Lost and Found Art,’ section.

A little more about Full Art Catalog release schedule-

1.0 – Moon Rocket (Spring 2017)
2.0 – Moon Shot (Winter 2018)
3.0 – Steadfast (Spring 2018)
4.0 – Interstellar (Summer 2018)
5.0 – Star Killer (Winter 2019)
6.0 – Cloud Light (Summer 2020)

Over the course of the next year(s) we have several iterations of the FAC platform. Each release gets the art world closer to realizing the full ‘pulse,’ of activity from regions across the globe to interest in individual artist(s).

Today’s release is 10% of the functionality of the 1.0 Moon Rocket release slated for Spring 2017.



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